Frequently asked questions and common tips

Can anyone else access my parcel in the locker?

No, only you have access to the unique code or barcode that opens the locker. This ensures that your parcel is safe and secure.

Is there a size limit for parcels in the lockers?

Yes, each locker has a maximum capacity and cannot accommodate items that exceed these dimensions. The locker size will be specified when you choose your delivery or drop-off option.

What happens if the locker is full when the courier arrives with my parcel?

If the locker is full, the courier will resort to traditional delivery methods. They will attempt to deliver the parcel directly to you, or if not possible and there is a concierge, security personnel, or staff available at the location, they may leave the package with them.

What happens if I don’t pick up my parcel in time?

Depending on how the unit is configured, the building manager will typically retrieve the item after a specified period, usually 48 hours to make space for other items. It is best to check the terms and conditions of your specific building as details can vary.

What if the parcel locker system isn’t working when I go to collect my package?

Should you encounter any issues with the locker system, please reach out to our support number. Our dedicated team is at your service seven days a week via the contact number displayed beneath the locker’s touchscreen. They are well-equipped to provide necessary assistance or suggest alternative ways to collect your package.

Can I use the same locker to receive parcels from different couriers?

This largely depends on the courier. Some couriers like Canada Post cannot deliver outside of Canada Post lockers. Other delivery drivers highly value the use of parcel lockers, especially when they are conveniently located.